Jeff Garcia Is a Winner

December 11th, 2008
Clark Judge of suggests Carmellas husband is underappreciated.

Clark Judge of suggests Carmella's husband is "underappreciated."

It seems as if Clark Judge (not to be confused with Mike Judge of “Beavis and Butthead” fame) has dug up an old wound. He writes for that Garcia is “underappreciated” and recounts how he had to fight for his starting quarterback job back after being benched for Son of Bob perhaps the most mind-blowing of too-many-to-count decisions from the deranged mind of Chucky.

It’s always something with him. When he became a free agent a year ago, only Tampa Bay, Oakland and Houston showed up at his door. So he proved to Tampa Bay that he was the quarterback it needed. Then, when he was benched a year later for Brian Griese, he was forced to swing into a familiar course of action.

“I felt like I had to re-prove that I belong as a starting quarterback,” said Garcia, whose contract expires after this year, “and that I’m capable of leading this team and doing the necessary things to help this team win games.

“As much as I can say, ‘At this point of my career why do I have to continue to prove myself?’ it just seems like that’s the battle I have to face every single year. It does get tiring, but it’s nothing new for me.”

And that’s what I don’t get. He makes the Pro Bowl three consecutive seasons in San Francisco and wins a division title there. He takes over for an injured Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia and leads the Eagles to a division championship. Then he steps into the Tampa Bay huddle and takes the last-place Bucs to the top of the NFC South.

Let’s see, that’s three Pro Bowls and three division titles. Something must be right, and that something is Jeff Garcia.

Joe is on record as a big Garcia booster. He saved Chucky’s job last year and we have all seen how rancid Son of Bob is behind center. If not for Garcia, not only are the Bucs not in the playoff hunt, Chucky is working with his brother in the arena league.

Sure, Garcia might set himself up for more sacks than necessary and he may not look downfield enough. But without him, the Bucs are screwed.

Speaking of underappreciated:

5 Responses to “Jeff Garcia Is a Winner”

  1. Dave Says:

    Your football accumen is less than zero. Garcia is one of the worst starting QB’s in the league. If we had an average or slightly above average QB, we’d be 12-1.

  2. Chris Says:

    Dave, you don’t believe that do you?

    He’s the BEST QB the Bucs ever had! Do your homework Dave then post.

  3. Dave Says:

    We’ve had some bad QB’s. He’s the best of the WORST!!!
    He’s taken us NOWHERE and will NEVER take us anywhere.
    He doesn’t even have 10 TD’s this year. My God!

  4. Chris Says:

    Get over yourself Dave and your hatred of Garcia. He’s got a 92.5 passing rating. The Bucs suck as a team in the RED ZONE not 1 player hense only 8 passing TD’s. And did we or did we not make it to the 1st round of the playoffs lst year. How many teams can say that. Wasn’t that long ago the Bucs NEVER would make the playoffs.

    If you are a Bucs fan, and knowing we’ve had some terrible QB’s, then you’d be glad to have #7 at the helm. He’s not the problem. The problem with the Bucs RED ZONE Offense is that we out think ourselves. We need to get back to basic football on both sides of the ball.

    Re-sign #7, keep the PROBOWLER QB, and pay him the $ the BUCS stole from him!

    Dave, please go watch another NFL team and make idiotic comments on them. Thank you.

  5. Dave Says:

    Go to HELL dude! Garcia SUCKS, and the Bucs are winning in spite of him.
    A Pro Bowl QB!?! You’re a retard if you think Dancin’ Boy is a Pro Bowler!
    He won’t be back here next year!