“Is It Monday Yet?”

December 8th, 2008

As the BSPN commercial for Monday Night Football asks, “Is it Monday yet?”

It is, and Joe knows you don’t have your mind on work today. You have your mind on the Bucs-Panthers game. To that end, Joe will help you get through another awful day at work with videos from NFL Network, despite the fact Roger Goodell doesn’t want you to watch them at work or at home without embed codes.

First, Joe has the video of a telephone call-in Derrick Brooks had to his former Bucs teammate Warren Sapp Sunday on the NFL Network’s Gameday Morning show.

Next is the preview of the game from the great NFL Films.

Joe also offers up an interview with linebacker Barrett Ruud.

And lastly, NFL Network has a video weather report from the good people of AccuWeather.com

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