‘Secret Weapon’ To Afterthought In Five Days

December 29th, 2008
Last week, Chucky called rookie QB Josh Johnson the team's secret weapon. Today he forgot to mention him when asked about developing young quarterbacks.

Last week, Chucky told the Oakland media rookie QB Josh Johnson is the Bucs’ secret weapon. Today he didn’t mention him when asked about developing young quarterbacks.

Chucky seems to have forgotten about the young guy being molded in his quarterback laboratory.

At his Monday news conference, Coach Gruden was hit with a question about his love for veteran quarterbacks and his apparent inability to develop a quality young quarterback.

Chucky said he never really had a rookie quarterback who was a blue-chip prospect. He explained that in Oakland veteran Rich Gannon was given to him, and how Brad Johnson was waiting for him Tampa. Also, he went on to say that he did some good things developing Chris Simms (a third-round pick).

Oddly, during Chucky’s entire response, he never once mentioned Josh Johnson, the Bucs’ fourth-string quarterback (a 2008 fifth-round pick).

But just five days ago, Chucky told the Oakland media how great Johnson can be.

“He’s our secret weapon. He’s in our laboratory and I don’t know if they’re going to give me enough time to develop him, but I’ve got a lot of confidence in what this guy can be. He is a very good athlete. A great kid. Football-smart, man. Players love him. I just think a year from now, he goes to training camp, he’ll show you and a lot of people that he belongs in the league and he can become an NFL quarterback.

Joe finds it very fishy that Chucky failed to mention Johnson today. How could he fail to mention the “secret weapon” in the “laboratory.”

2 Responses to “‘Secret Weapon’ To Afterthought In Five Days”

  1. FlorioDuimig Says:

    The continued bs in this cesspool continues.

    I’m not the biggest Gruden fan by any means and if he were replaced I’d probably be happy however as a site that is trumpeting itself as having skilled “writers” at their disposal I’m not sure how you can expect anyone with any degree of thinking ability to take you seriously in future endeavours if your going to refer to the Bucs Head Coach by “Chucky”.

    It’s simply unprofessional and belongs at the lowest rung of most message boards.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for reading JoeBucsFan.com We appreciate your feedback, even if you believe you’re surfing a BS-filled cesspool.

    Joe is sorry to read you believe it is unprofessional to refer to Jon Gruden as “Chucky,” a nickname that fans who love him – and hate him – use all the time. Our writers believe the use of Chucky is very appropriate. “Chucky” is used by mainstream print columnists frequently, much like you see references to “Tuna” (for Bill Parcells) and other widely accepted nicknames.

    If it makes you feel better, at times we refer to Chucky only as” Jon Gruden.”