Ex-Bucs Accused Of Beating Man At Tampa IHOP

December 19th, 2008

It seemed Chucky foolishly cut Michael Bennett last month, but perhaps it was because Bennett is accused of brandishing a gun and beating a man at an International House of Pancakes in Tampa.

It seemed Chucky foolishly cut Michael Bennett last month, but perhaps it was because Bennett is accused of brandishing a gun and beating a man at an International House of Pancakes in Tampa.

There may have been a lot more to the Bucs cutting Michael Bennett in November than Jon Gruden simply not wanting to give Bennett a shot to shine in his backfield.

There also may be more to why former reserve offensive tackle Anthony Davis was cut by the Bucs on Oct. 25.

Both Davis and Bennett are accused of maliciously assaulting and beating a man at the International House of Pancakes’ property on Spruce Street in Tampa on or about Oct. 13, according to a civil suit filed in Hillsbourgh County Circuit Court on Monday.

The suit filed by plaintiff Brian Gordon and Tampa attorney Jeffrey “Jack” Gordon also alleges Bennett threatened Brian Gordon with a gun. According the suit, the plaintiff claims Bennett acted like a Clint Eastwood wannabe and “brandished a black handgun in a holster and said, ‘Is there a problem?'”

It is unknown whether the plaintiff and the attorney are related, but Joe surely would bet a few bucks on that.

Davis and Gordon were dining late night at the IHOP, according to the suit, and Davis was “intoxicated, belligerent, profane, verbally abusive, physically threatening, disorderly, hostile and continuously and persistently harassed restaurant staff and patrons for an extended period of time.”

Among other things, the suit clams Davis identified himself as a Buccaneers player and addressed two female patrons as “sluts” and “whores” and said, “I got my civil rights and I can say whatever I want to say. You ain’t my mother.”

Davis also is accused of yelling at the cook and waitress in the back of the restaurant saying “Where’s my mother fuc*ing food! Give me my food! Mother fuc*er!” (Joe substituted the letter “k” to protect the innocent)

The suit alleges Davis telephoned Bennett and an unknown person to come and assist him at the restaurant.

Why Davis needed help is unclear. Davis was listed at more than 320 pounds on the Bucs roster at the time. So Joe doubts he felt threatened. And besides, there apparently were food, sluts and whores around to keep him happy.

Of course, the plaintiff is seeking damages from Bennett and Davis, as well as IHOP ownership.

Joe has no clue whether Bennett and Davis are guilty of anything. And Joe no is longer a full-time reporter who gets paid $43,000 a year to pull police reports and knock on doors. But Joe was a cops reporter for The Tampa Tribune, and he’s knowledgedable about the court system. So Joe will tell you with a good degree of certainty and credibility that there is going to be a lot of juice to this incident.

It’ll be fun to read about it in the MSM in the coming days.

6 Responses to “Ex-Bucs Accused Of Beating Man At Tampa IHOP”

  1. John Says:

    Do you know how much of a delay there was between “on or about October 13,” when the IHOP incident was supposed to have happened and the date the suit was filed?

    In trying to believe the story, it troubles me some if it wasn’t a police matter at that time and that the players don’t seem to be facing any criminal charges.

    If it happened in a restaurant it shouldn’t have been hard for the police to track down employees to verify the plaintiff’s story.

    It will be interesting to see what the MSM does.

  2. Chris Says:

    You can take the pancake outta the IHOP but you can’t take the IHOP outta the pancake!

  3. Fjack44 Says:

    story says it was filed on monday

  4. Witness Says:

    Everything said in this article is a FAT LIE!!! I KNOW BECUAUSE I WAS THERE. MR GORDON was the drunk fool who hit Athony Davis w/ wooden Baby Chair Stool for no reason.

    NO REASON!!!

    The person responsible for this article should do more research, before calling out players. Check the police reports.


  5. admin Says:

    Again, JoeBucsFan.com simply is reporting the contents of the civil law suit filed this week. Anybody can get that down at the Hillborough County Clerk’s office. It’s all public record. Nobody called out any players here.

    Our Web site will surely report all sides to this story as they come out.

    And no, it wouldn’t surprise us that this is whole thing was made up by the plaintiff, who curiously has the same last name as the lawyer who filed the case.

    However, something happened. And hopefully the whole truth will come out.

  6. Interested Says:

    Is there any relation to Mr. Gordon the supposed victim and Jack Gordon the PI ( personal injury ) atty. ?