Entire Bucs Team To Blame

December 28th, 2008

It’s time to point fingers for this historic Bucs collapse.

 There are plenty to go around. And Tampa Tribune columnist Martin Fennelly got a head start, even calling out NFL officials.

If I was a referee, I would penalize the Bucs for a false start: 9-3.

Fennelly is right: There are many to blame. A defense that couldn’t hug a Bucs cheerleader when it needed a tackle. Two aging, beloved defenders that looked more like middle-aged anglers on the John’s Pass bridge than NFL players. A wide receiver who is more adept at bitching than catching. And of course, where the buck (Buc?) always should stop: Chucky’s laminated playsheet.

In a perverse way, Joe will enjoy the next few days of local sports talk radio.

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