Coaches Who Could Replace Kiffin

December 3rd, 2008
Joe could easily see former Bucs defensive assistant and current Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards replacing Monte Kiffin.

Joe could easily see former Bucs defensive assistant and current Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards replacing Monte Kiffin.

Since it’s all but a done deal that this is Monte Kiffin’s last season as the Bucs defensive coordinator, Joe is fond of fun speculation about who will replace him.

No, Joe doesn’t think Bum’s son has a prayer of replacing Kiffin. Let’s not get out of control here.

Joe has already guessed who he thinks will replace Kiffin. But that doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. Don Banks of, and a former Bucs beat writer, threw out names of coaches possibly in line for head coaching jobs. Joe thinks some could make good replacements for Kiffin.

Rod Marinelli, Detroit — No way, no how the Lions sell tickets for 2009 with Marinelli still around. Time to put Matt Millen’s final coaching hire out of his misery. A historic 0-16 season wouldn’t even require an explanation, just a firing and a press conference.

Marinelli wouldn’t be a bad choice. No one outside One Buc Palace knows the Tampa-2 or the Bucs defensive players better than Marinelli. One could argue Father Dungy knows more than Marinelli but consider Father Dungy hasn’t been around since the end of the 2001 season.

Raheem Morris — Haven’t heard of the Bucs defensive backs coach? You will. For one thing, he’s thought to be a slam dunk to become Tampa Bay’s defensive coordinator should Monte Kiffin join his son’s staff at the University of Tennessee. But Morris is also thought of as the next Mike Tomlin, whom he worked under in Tampa Bay as recently as 2005. He’s got a winning and magnetic personality, and though he’s only 32 — younger than Bucs veterans Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber — his players rave about his fiery coaching style and his ability to motivate.

Again, Joe thinks Morris is the likely successor to Kiffin.

Herm Edwards, Kansas City — That win at Oakland on Sunday was only Kansas City’s second in its past 21 games, and there’s not many coaches who could survive a 2-19 run in the NFL. But Edwards could be one of them, if — and it’s a big if — Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson returns. I just don’t know how owner Clark Hunt sells another season of Peterson and Edwards to the frustrated fans of Kansas City.

Herm would be a fine choice. Joe has always liked Herm, despite some atrocious play-calling as Jets head coach.

Even before Herm got to Kansas City Joe could see storm clouds on the horizon there. Herm decided to take over a sinking ship which is just about totally submerged now. Bad timing for Herm may end up being fortunate timing for the Bucs.

4 Responses to “Coaches Who Could Replace Kiffin”

  1. leningan Says:

    Is Quarles still with the Buccos in a personnel capacity? COuld he be brought in to fill Raheem’s vacancy?

  2. Chris Says:

    I’d stay away from players with no coaching experience. LB coach maybe but not Defensive coordinator.

  3. leningan Says:

    he would be filling the position vacated by raheem morris, who will presumably be the new def. coordinator

  4. Chris Says:

    I wouldnt go for it. Quarles, although, a great LB for the Bucs doesnt have any coaching resume to take Raheems spot.

    Get someone that will hit the ground runnin’ like Raheem will.