Chucky May Need Win To Save Job

December 22nd, 2008
Chuckys antics have been enough to make Bucs fans scream. But the losses to Carolina and San Diego cant be blamed on him.

Chucky's antics have been enough to make Bucs fans scream. But the losses to Carolina and San Diego can't be blamed on him.

Joe is on record as being of both minds with Chucky: At times, Joe thinks he does a fine job. Other times, Joe thinks Chucky would be a downgrade from Largo High School coach Rick Rodriguez, the successful Packers coach.

Don Banks, a former Bucs beat writer and longtime columnist, thinks Chucky’s job will be in serious jeopardy if the Bucs fall to beat the Raiders.

Look, we can’t render a final verdict on Tampa Bay (9-6) just yet, but you can’t say things look good for Jon Gruden’s club about now. For the second consecutive December, the Bucs are going in reverse at the worst possible time of the year. With the meltdown at home against the Chargers on Sunday — their first loss of the season at Raymond James Stadium — the Bucs are 0-3 this month, and in danger of missing out on a playoff berth that 13 days ago seemed almost assured…

And know this: If Tampa Bay does miss the playoffs after starting 9-3, Gruden’s job security will become a legitimate topic of debate. Gruden hasn’t won a playoff game for the Bucs since his Super Bowl win in January 2003 — and that was six long seasons ago.

Joe isn’t so sure if Chucky would be gone if the Bucs miss the playoffs. There are already rumblings that, due to the economic downturn, owners will be more patient with coaches this season because they don’t want to get stuck with an outstanding contract. Also, coaches aren’t usually shown the door with two years left on their contract unless they are truly wretched.

At times, Joe wouldn’t be sorry if Chucky was tossed out of One Buc Palace for good. But to be honest, the losses against Carolina and San Diego can’t be pinned on Chucky. It wasn’t the offense that let the Bucs down in those games.

Joe also knows that Father Dungy was booted for lesser offenses.

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