Bucs 2009 Opponents

December 29th, 2008

Sure, Joe is digusted with Sunday’s loss. Absolutely disgusted. But that doesn’t mean Joe isn’t looking ahead to next season, even though Joe doesn’t know who the quarterback or even the head coach will be.

So, courtesy of TBO.com, here are the Bucs opponents for the 2009 season.

Road games- Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Washington, Buffalo, Miami and Seattle. Home games – Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Dallass, New York Giants, New York Jets, New England (in London), Green Bay.

It’s a brutal schedule, but one that will make the Glazers happy because of its high profile home games. With non-division home games against four extremely popular teams – Dallas, both New York clubs and Green Bay – that represents at least four sellouts regardless of the Bucs’ record.

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