Vacation Man Talks Cadillac Williams

November 5th, 2008

Pat Yasinskas of BSPN, who heretofore Joe will refer to as “Vacation Man” because he is one of the few “top” football reporters in the nation who can take a vacation during the season without bothering to DVR or record games (full disclosure: Joe DVRs Bucs games and Joe doesn’t make near the cash or have remotely the same responsibilities as Vacation Man), was on BSPNews recently to discuss the NFC South.

Vacation Man discusses how the Bucs just may use Cadillac Williams this year instead of keeping him on the shelf until next year, as previously planned.

Joe isn’t sure what resort or posh hotel Vacation Man was at when he phoned in this report. Vacation Man begins his Caddy discussion at roughly the 1:00 mark of the video.

A friendly hint to Vacation Man: There’s this thingie called DirecTV where, for a modest fee that is tax dedcutable, you can get every NFL game. Seriously!

Oddly enough, DirecTV also has a contraption called “DVR-plus” where it will record any NFL game one chooses. Plus, you can fast-forward rapidly through commercials and downtime between plays and halftime. It’s really a neat invention and quite inexpensive. In some cases, DirecTV will give you their DVR. Give as in “free!”

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