“Thumbsuckers vs. The Bedwetters”

November 4th, 2008

Joe’s had enough already of the political season. Thank goodness Election Day is here.

Monday Night Football jumped into the presidential race last night with five-minute interviews with John McCain and Barack Obama.

Joe hereby declares McCain the winner — of last night’s interviews.

First, ESPN interviewer Chris Berman doing his best to act like Tom Browkaw was too serious and he didn’t pull it off. The candidates, McCain especially, wanted to have more fun in the interview. Wake up, Berman, you’re a sports guy.

Joe gives McCain the edge for describing himself as a second rate junior varsity linebacker in high school and an all-around sports junkie who regularly watches games. He said his wife told him recently, “You’d watch the Thumbsuckers vs. The Bedwetters.”

Obama was a little stiff and told millions of football fans his favorite sporting event is the Final Four.  Poor judgement there. Here’s McCain’s clip.

One Response to ““Thumbsuckers vs. The Bedwetters””

  1. jimmy Says:

    i heard obama say he wanted a college football playoff. maybe he will try to bankrupt colleges if they don’t just like he promised he would the coal industry?

    or maybe bill ayers will blow up jim delany’s office for resisting a playoff?