THE PESSIMIST: Watch The Damn Game

November 1st, 2008
"Yo, dude, I'll help you set up your VCR."

"Yo, dude, I'll help you set up your VCR."

Nothing worse than a media guy who claims to be an expert but doesn’t do his homework.

Pat Yasinskas,’s guru of the NFC South, revealed his half-ass work habits in an interview Friday with the Fabulous Sports Babe on ESPN 1010 AM. The Babe brought in Yasinskas to talk about the Bucs and all things NFC and NFC South.

Well, Yasinskas told the Babe he hadn’t watched the Bucs-Dallas game, only highlights.

His reason? Yasinskas said he was in London for the Saints-Chargers game and didn’t get a chance. Yet he said he didn’t stay in England after the game to sightsee.

Ever hear of a VCR, Pat? How bout a DVR? How about calling your friends at ESPN to get you a tape? Or your pals at Bucs headquarters? 

 You cover the NFC South. That’s your whole job. Watch the damn games before you waste every Bucs fan’s time with a radio interview.

One Response to “THE PESSIMIST: Watch The Damn Game”

  1. jimmy Says:

    that is terrible! dr. z of sports illustrated has nfl films send him a tape of every game in the mail. you mean to tell me espn couldn’t do this as well?

    hey pat,l if you’d rather site see and not cover football, i’m sure you could find a gig with a travel agency. that’s awful!