THE PESSIMIST: Open Your Eyes Whitlock!

November 14th, 2008
Just the suggestion that the Bucs are worse off since Son of Bob was injured is so revolting to Joe it nearly provoked a seizure.

Just the suggestion that the Bucs are worse off since Son of Bob was injured is so revolting to THE PESSIMIST it nearly provoked a seizure.

THE PESSIMIST has always been a big fan of Jason Whitlock of and the Kansas City Star. Really, you have to admire a guy who gets fired from BSPN for publicly calling out Mike Lupica, both on and off the air. Well done, Jason!

And Joe also knows that Jason played offensive line for Ball State. So it’s not like he doesn’t know the game.

If that isn’t enough street cred for you, how about the time Whitlock and Meshawn Johnson had to be separated because the two almost got into a fistfight in the Bucs locker room after a game?

But when Joe read the following from Jason’s recent column on it pained Joe and saddened him.

Jason was writing about the top 10 and bottom 10 NFL coaches and he had Chucky at No. 10 of the best.

10. Buccaneers’ Jon Gruden: He lost his quarterback (Brian Griese) and tailback (Cadillac Williams) and the Bucs are still sitting at 6-3. The Bucs have a mediocre offensive line and 50-year-old Joey Galloway is the team’s deep threat. Somehow Gruden gets this offense in the end zone often enough for the Bucs to be competitive.

The problem isn’t that Jason had Chucky at No. 10. That argument is for another day. It’s the misinformation that Jason uses to come up with his conclusion that is troubling.

First of all, only Son of Bob’s father, agent or wife would consider Son of Bob the Bucs starting quarterback. The only reason Son of Bob was even in the lineup was one of Chucky’s twisted and demented mind games. It’s a blessing for the Bucs that Son of Bob got hurt. It forced Chucky’s hand.

Now hold on! THE PESSIMIST doesn’t want any player to get hurt. But he cringes at how awful the Bucs season would be if Son of Bob was still behind center. 

Same thing with Cadillac Williams. He’s been out with an injury for over a year and the Bucs have better running backs. Chucky and the Bucs didn’t “lose” Williams. Besides, the Bucs won the NFC South last year without Williams. So how exactly were the Bucs worse off without him?

Additionally, Jason called the White Tiger the Bucs only deep threat. Really? You mean Jason never saw Antonio Bryant?

The worst element of Jason’s comment was the Bucs have a mediocre line. Give me a break! The offensive line is arguably the best the Bucs have ever had! Sure, they can be a bit shaky with pass blocking but for run blocking these guys are road graders.

Most depressing about Jason’s synopsis is that Jason (allegedly) was in the Arrowhead Stadium press box when the Bucs played in Kansas City two weeks ago. So how in the world can he suggest the things he wrote?

Jason, THE PESSIMIST loves you but come on man. If you haven’t watched a team, don’t try to pretend you know everything about the team. What you wrote tells just about any Bucs fan that you paid little or no attention to the Bucs in the past two years.

You’re better than that, Jason!

3 Responses to “THE PESSIMIST: Open Your Eyes Whitlock!”

  1. Jk Says:

    Joe- It really frost your balls when anyone gives Gruden credit. Why is that? What team is it that you really pull for? It’s not the Bucs, or is it your dislike of Gruden ? You seem to use your site to insight hate against a coach who brought Tampa the only Super Bowl they ever had. Give the man some credit.

  2. admin Says:


    Sure, I’ll give Chucky credit… when he deserves it. The Carolina win springs to mind. But what Whitlock wrote would be like giving Joe Maddon credit for winning the AL pennant after losing Aubrey Huff.

    Unlike the Super Bowl year, the Bucs’ offense is playing down to their opponents thanks in large part to Chucky’s gameplans.

    I will forever respect and thank Chucky for the Super Bowl win. It’s something Father Dungy never could pull off here no matter how many chances he was given.

    (Remember: The Glazer Boys fired Dungy after two one-and-dones in the playoffs.)

  3. crease22 Says:

    Uh, JK, I thinkit’s pretty obvious Joe likes the Bucs. 🙂
    Gruden is a good coach, but we want great. Superbowl great. It’s been many years since that Super Bowl we’re all thankful for, but life goes on. They have to win a playoff game this year