The Galloway-Gruden Files

November 20th, 2008
Here's a snack for Joey Galloway. Michael Bennett left it for him in the luxury suite of Chucky's doghouse

Here's a snack for Joey Galloway. Michael Bennett left it in the luxury suite of Chucky's doghouse

So the truth comes out today. Joey Galloway broke his foot against Atlanta, and the Bucs were covering it up so opponents might waste time preparing to face him.

Galloway spilled the beans today, according to the St. Pete Times. Also, Chucky talked to the media and opened up about Galloway’s reduced role behind Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton.

This Chucky spin is contradictory and gives a glimpse into the coach’s mindset, which seems to reveal Galloway occupying Michael Bennett’s and Jeff Garcia’s old blanket in the Bucs’ doghouse.

“I’m sure it is tough on him,” Gruden said of Galloway’s new role. “It’s been tough on us. We’ve had to make a lot of adjustments, not only at running back but in our receiving corps. But he plays the same position that Antonio Bryant plays and he can’t deny the fact that Antonio is playing great. Not good, he’s playing really outstanding football. They’re kind of stacked at the same position. We’re trying our best to utilize them both and we’ll continue to do that.

“But Mike Clayton is having a solid year. His statistics may not say so, but put the tape on. He’s really playing well, as is Ike Hilliard. Joey missed a lot of time late last season, missed a lot of the preseason — all the preseason – he missed five or six games. We’re in the process of doing the best we can to use everybody.”

Joe’s going to help you read between the spin.

First, if Chucky is trying to confuse opponents, why not say today that Galloway may be part of several three-receiver sets and you consider him a starter? Why not go overboard to talk about how excited you are to use these three studs together?

Also, all season, Gruden has talked about Galloway and other players needing to practice and get in rhythm with the offense.

Well, coach, Galloway has been practicing for about a month. He’s healthy. And he’s played in three straight games. Why even mention that he missed time at the end of last year, or in preseason? That’s very old news.

These quotes, and Galloway’s limited snaps, are all the evidence Joe needs to know that Galloway occupies the penthouse of Gruden’s doghouse.

Let’s hope he gets out of there soon. He’s going to need to contribute if the Bucs want to challenge the Giants. And that’s what this season should be about.

3 Responses to “The Galloway-Gruden Files”

  1. tom Says:

    Galloway has shown for years to not want to play hurt. Broken foot, ok, but there is no way he goes across the middle the way Bryant has this year and make some of the catches he has. Also, how about reporting on how many times Garcis’s running around and not waiting for down field plays to develope has hurt the Bucs scoring this year. Guys have been wide open and he’s having happy feet.
    The play in which he got hit late last week had Bryant wide open on the crossing route, in the end zone! But it is good to have Carmella aound.

  2. Chris Says:

    Garcia has looked rusty no doubt. He’s light years better than Son of Bob!

    Galloway was never and will never be that type of WR. He’s a speed merchant…nothing else!

  3. admin Says:

    Tom, Joe has a very hard time getting on Garcia, considering the guy is completing 70 percent of his passes, making plays and serving as a true leader in the huddle. No QB makes every play. For every open receiver he hasn’t thrown to, he’s probably made a play with his feet to buy time. But, sure, he could play better. …