TBO.com: Chucky is Tennessee’s “No. 1 Choice”

November 4th, 2008
TBO.com is reporting that Chucky is the University of Tennessees No. 1 choice to replace Phil Fulmer.

TBO.com is reporting that Chucky is the University of Tennessee's "No. 1 choice" to replace Phil Fulmer.

Woody Cummings of TBO.com is reporting that Chucky is the “No. 1 choice” to replace Phil Fulmer as the University of Tennessee’s football coach.

Fulmer announced Monday he had reached an agreement to step down as the school’s coach. He won a national championship at Tennessee, beating Florida State in January 1998.

We shouldn’t be surprised. The University of Tennessee is really hot for Gruden. Folks both inside and outside the Volunteers’ program have made it clear that Gruden is their No. 1 choice to replace Phil Fullmer as head coach.

Joe just doesn’t believe Chucky would take the job. Sure, he’s a former assistant at Tennessee and the Bride of Chucky was a former Volunteers cheerleader, which impresses Joe. But Chucky is an NFL coach. Joe can’t envision Chucky visiting parents’ houses trying to lure their sons into playing for him.

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  1. The Professor Says:

    another thing to keep in mind. Tennessee has a horrible reputation in how they treat their coaches. they have been trying to get rid of Fullmer for years but he would win “just enough”. and apparently this goes back well before Fullmer also. In other words, they are the Raiders of the college world and I can’t imagine Chucky wanting to coach for “Al Davis” again.