Several Bucs Videos To Kill The Day

November 26th, 2008

Yeah, Joe knows. You’re reading this at work. It’s a day before a holiday. You don’t feel like working. Neither does Joe. You just want to kill time before you can crack open an adult beverage (or two) and then tomorrow shove a bird in your grill.

Well, to help pass the day and be even less productive, Joe has some Bucs videos for you. Sadly, Roger Goodell doesn’t have embed codes.

First, Scott Smith of Buccaneers Insider has a detailed look at the win over Detroit.

Second, NFL Network has a video of Chucky talking about the NFC South race.

Third, Chucky talks about the return of Cadillac Williams courtesy of the NFL Network.

Lastly, has the entire Chucky press conference from Monday. For some reason, the opening seconds of the video reminded Joe of the opening seconds from “Patton,” the greatest first six minutes to a movie in cinematic history.

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