NFL Network Has Bucs-Chiefs Highlights

November 2nd, 2008
NFL Network analyst Jim Mora claims the Bucs werent ready to play Sunday.

NFL Network analyst Jim Mora claims the Bucs weren't ready to play Sunday.

Just in case you were stuck in an airport and couldn’t catch any of the highlights of the Bucs’ thrilling overtime win over the Chiefs, Joe has them. To be more precise, the NFL Network has them, and Joe has dug up the links.

First up, Jim Mora and Tom Waddle breakdown the highlights.

Second, Bucs fans get to hear the Bucs highlights from the great Gene Deckerhoff, and some yelling clown with the Chiefs broadcast. Joe hates that: screaming does not mean excitement. Then again, Joe would be screaming too if he was a Chiefs fan.

Lastly, the NFL Network has the Bucs postgame comments from Chucky, who has no voice. Chucky claims the “dramatic” win was the greatest comeback in Bucs history.

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