Jeff Faine Highest Paid Buc

November 7th, 2008
Theres no other way to describe it: Son of Bob is thieving milliions from the Glazer Boys.

There's no other way to describe it: Son of Bob is thieving millions from the Glazer Boys.

Joe recently stumbled upon a database on USA Today’s website that breaks down the salaries of each player in the NFL. To Joe’s surprise, the highest paid Buc is an offensive lineman.

Center Jeff Faine.

Faine clocks in with an annual salary of 13,105,760, nearly three times as much as the second-highest paid player on the Bucs roster, Jeff Garcia ($5,255,280).

(It seems this database is averaging signing bonus money and salary over the life of the contract)

Arguably the Bucs best bargain is safety Tanard Jackson who is the fourth-lowest paid Buc at $371,920. The biggest scam/travesty is Son of Bob who is the fourth-highest-paid at $4,250,000.

Quick, someone call the FBI! This isn’t highway robbery, this is felony interstate larcency.

Son of Bob shouldn’t even be on the team much less making $10. And he’s collecting a check of over $4 million! This is a moral outrage for any Bucs season ticket holder. The gall! Exactly what type of narcotics was Bruce Almighty on to sign off on this? How did Chucky con him into agreeing to such an insane, Satanic pact??

If I was one of the Glazer Boys, I’d have Chucky and Bruce Almighty cleaning the toilets and urinals and mopping up the puke from the drunks after home games to make up for the hard-earned cash of theirs that has been flushed away by Son of Bob.

One Response to “Jeff Faine Highest Paid Buc”

  1. d Says:

    Absolutely despicable! Brian Griese making 4mil!?! Allen should be SHOT!
    Gruden should be Made to play him for a full year………… Canada, make that Siberia. Sick of the horrid QB evaluation skills of these two.
    4 million a year for a losuy #3 QB. No wonder I can’t afford tix. I really can’t stand Jon Gruden and his mighty dink offense. Please go to Tennessee and take your dancin’ boy with you and your SoB.