Get Ready For More Chucky Rumors

November 24th, 2008

Joe can just see it happening. Chucky has made no bones about the fact he grew up a Domer, bleeding blue and gold for Notre Dame. He even had an alarm clock that played the Fighting Irish fight song.

So now that cheating slob Charlie Weis has so ruined the Notre Dame program that in successive years they’ve lost home games to Navy and Syracuse, and have lost more games in the past two years than at any time in the rich tradition of the school, Domers are screaming bloody murder for Weis’ head.

Problem is, Weis signed a sweetheart 10-year contract three years ago worth eight figures. Eight! So if the Irish canned him, they would be on the hook for millions.

Despite this, Joe can envision the rumors of Chucky to Notre Dame just as sure as Joe knows he will eat his morning oatmeal.

At any rate, enjoy the disgust of this little Domer.

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