Chucky Defends Trueblood, Knocks Smith

November 17th, 2008
Gruden has the back of his big nasty right tackle, Jeremy Trueblood

Chucky has the back of his big nasty right tackle, Jeremy Trueblood

Joe watches Chucky’s Monday morning news conferences not just to hear the coach but to try to read his body language. 

Simply put, Gruden is not happy with running back Clifton Smith. Chucky’s facial expressions and arm positions got all negative when a reporter tried to possibly put a positive spin on Clifton Smith’s future despite his third fumble Sunday in as many career games.

“That’s just excuses, man,” Gruden responded initially. Gruden repeated that a few times in a few different ways before saying the coaching staff needed to work more on that with the kid.

As Joe mentioned previously, three fumbles in three games will get you cut from the NFL faster than Jerramy Stevens would say, “No Comment,” when asked about his fraternity days.

Chucky, however, stood up tall and strong when asked about Jeremy Trueblood’s drive-killing personal foul on the Vikings’ 17 yard line.

On TV, it appeared Trueblood gave a cheap shot after the play was dead. But Gruden said the whistle hadn’t blown and he’ll take Trueblood finishing plays and playing to the whistle every time.

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