Cheap(er) Playoff Tickets

November 12th, 2008
Thanks to the NFL, if the Bucs host a playoff game, the tickets will be cheaper.

Thanks to the NFL, if the Bucs host a playoff game, tickets will be cheaper than last year

While Joe was listening to his satellite radio this afternoon, he learned if the Bucs host a playoff game, tickets will be less expensive than last year.

In an interview with Chris Russo on Mad Dog Radio, Joe Browne, the NFL vice president of communications, announced that today the NFL ordered teams who host playoff games to cut prices on playoff tickets. The prices will be dropped roughly 10 percent.

“In the face of the economy the way it is now, [Roger] Goodell requested the host teams cut by approximately 10 percent” the face value of playoff tickets Brown said. “In terms of sensitivity with the fans and over concern of the fans, we are not perfect but we try.”

Now if Chucky doesn’t screw things up — and he damned sure is trying with this latest Cadillac Williams stunt — the Bucs may get lucky and host a playoff game. If so, Bucs fans will benefit.

Joe always liked Goodell. This is proof why. Here’s more proof.

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