Brian Kelly Says Lions Unified

November 21st, 2008
"If we can't beat the Lions, man, I'm outta here."

"If we can't beat the Lions, man, I'm outta here."

Add one more to the list of reasons why Sunday’s Bucs-Lions game has the stink of upset all over it.

Former Bucs and now Lions cornerback Brian Kelly told the Bradenton Herald the Detroit locker room is upbeat and focused.

Now Kelly finds himself playing corner for the only winless team in the NFL, one that has dropped 17 of its past 18 games.

“Actually, if you came in this locker room, you wouldn’t really even know it,” Kelly said. “You would think the record was maybe 6-3, 7-4 or something. Guys are upbeat, and I tell you it has a lot to do with the guy that Rod is. He comes in the team meetings and we’re not walking around here high-fiving each other like we’re playing great, but we’re also not walking around with our head in the sand and moping around looking for excuses and complaining about stuff.”

So here’s the running list of why this game should scare Bucs fans.

  • Detroit is 0-10 but improving
  • The Lions coaching staff has deep knowledge of the Bucs
  • The game is blacked out on local Detroit TV. (That’s got to be bad luck somehow)
  • Tampa Bay hasn’t played a complete game on the road all season
  • The Bucs are actually thin at running back, unlike the days of Chucky’s alleged “shortage” of backs weeks ago

One Response to “Brian Kelly Says Lions Unified”

  1. Chris Says:

    Brian Kelly…LOL!…her comes 0-11 dip s#%&!

    From top to bottom the Lions are the worst football org. in the NFL…PERIOD!

    Al Davis and his butt pirates are a close 2nd!