BREAKDOWN: Bye Week Special

November 14th, 2008 analyst Jacquez Green, the former Bucs wide receiver (1998-2001) and All-American at the University of Florida (1995-1997), checks in with his breakdown of the Bucs offense. This week Green talks about how the bye can affect the Bucs.

Green, who won back-to-back Madden Bowls, is currently the offensive coordinator at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg.

This is a good time for the Bucs to have a bye. It’s not too early. If a bye comes early, that’s not always good. Sometimes you are just starting to click with the offense and then you have a bye. You never want to disrupt something just when you get rolling. And the Bucs are rolling.

As a player, you always looked forward to the bye. It gives everyone a chance to rest a little and heal up. The bye for the Bucs this year is perfect. The bye comes with just three more division games left. That’s great.

The receivers I think are really playing solid just when it’s getting into the meat of the schedule. I think the offense is on a roll. A lot of people are complaining but you can always nitpick an offense. Let’s be honest: This is Tampa Bay. The team is built on defense so the offense will always be the step-sister. The Bucs offense will always be nitpicked.

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