Blogger Who Is Not In a Thanksgiving Mood

November 26th, 2008
These harmless photos of Chucky make one blogger want to punch him.

These harmless photos of Chucky make one blogger (not Joe) want to punch him.

Joe has a love/hate relationship with Chucky. Joe loves the fact Chucky got the Bucs a Super Bowl win (something the Dungyphiles conveniently forget) and how Chucky rebuilt the Bucs offense with fresh faces to enable the Bucs to go on a Super Bowl run (a pesky little fact Dungyphiles never admit).

But Joe also hates Chucky’s lying habits, the way he treats his players and his sometimes twisted offensive gameplans that seem as if Chucky himself sat down with Tony LaRussa in some diabolical, twisted séance that only baseball’s mad scientist could concoct.

That said, Joe is not about to suggest someone punch Chucky.

There’s a blog called “Food Court Lunch” that seems to promote such violence in a photo display called “The Punchable Faces of Jon Gruden.”

Apparently, the author is a Dungyphile. In a photo that shows Chucky hoisting the Lombardi Trophy aloft in victory, the caption reads: “Accepting This Award on Behalf of Mr. Dungy.”

This prompts Joe to ask two questions:

1) How exactly did Chucky win with Father Dungy’s players when four key offensive skill position players on the Bucs Super Bowl team did not play for Father Dungy?

2) If Chucky could win with Father Dungy’s players how come Father Dungy couldn’t?

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