11 Reasons National Media Ignores The Bucs

November 23rd, 2008

No particular order here:

  1. Some still think Jeff Garcia’s gay
  2. Nobody wants to root for Jerramy Stevens, otherwise known as “King of Turds”
  3. The NFL markets young, exciting offensive players with clean backgrounds. The Bucs don’t have any.
  4. Jon Gruden has stopped making faces
  5. Nobody has a Buccaneer on their fantasy football team
  6. Networks think promoting defensive stars Brooks, Dunn, Ruud and Jackson is bad for ratings
  7. Nobody’s kid wants a Bucs jersey for Christmas
  8. Monte Kiffin doesn’t do interviews
  9. Nobody takes Gruden seriously after benching Garcia
  10. Talking heads are clinging to their NFC South picks of New Orleans or Carolina, or love the whole Falcons’ story too much.
  11. Lots of Tampa Bay-hating Yankees and Red Sox fans among them

6 Responses to “11 Reasons National Media Ignores The Bucs”

  1. Dave T Says:

    Just when I think this is OK to read. Your idiocy comes out on Stevens again. All is fair “Queer of Blogs”

  2. Kwame Says:

    “Lots of Tampa Bay-hating Yankees and Red Sox fans among them”

    Was thinking the same thing. Go RAYS

  3. admin Says:

    Joe always acknowledges a good one-liner: “Queer of Blogs”

    We give it a 9.1

  4. Chris Says:

    …And Stevens didn’t rape that girl while he was in college?

  5. Dave T Says:

    Who knows? Did you?

  6. Chris Says:

    Nahhh… I’ll leave that to scum bags. I’m the judge and jury on this one Dave. His history of sexual misconduct, violence, DUI’s and basically being a piece of $hi^ solidifies my belief that this is a waste of human.

    He even bragged about it to teammates!!! GUILTY!