What a Dumbass!

October 29th, 2008

It’s nearly 1 a.m. Wednesday and Joe is tired. As a result, Joe is too exhausted to go on a long rant.

Not sure if you have heard or seen this (it’s been all over the internet) but a wannabe sports journalist by the name of Danyelle Sargent asked newly ordained San Francisco coach Mike Singletary if he had placed a call to his “mentor” Bill Walsh upon getting the Niners head coaching gig.

Joe was so blown away by this he was speechless. As was Singletary.

First off, Walsh was not Singletary’s “mentor.” It was Mike Ditka and/or Buddy Ryan. The Bears and the Niners were bitter rivals when Singletary played.

Second, there’s this troublesome little detail that Walsh is dead.

This question is so moronic Joe really doesn’t know how to appropriately put into words his disgust. Why is someone with such an abject ignorance of the NFL given a media credential much less employed by FOX?

The video does not have embed codes but Joe has the link.

This isn’t the first time Ms. Sargent has had a monumental screw up on the air. Seems as if she likes to blurt out the F-word on live TV while her co-anchor is narrating a sports highlight package. And for this there are embed codes. Fast forward to the :40 mark (be VERY careful if you are at work).

Joe thinks it’s a pretty good bet that this woman may not be working in sports journalism for long. Nor should she. First of all she doesn’t know enough not to scream profanities into a live mic. Even if the mic is dead, she’s sitting at an anchor desk. She’s not professional enough to understand that anywhere in a studio there can be a live mic?

Second, you would think that someone covering a sport would know just a little bit about the sport or at least be professional enough to do some homework. You know, like the game you are covering with a new coach maybe it might be a wise decision to try to read the man’s bio?

Joe cannot stand the NBA and hates all that is stands for. Joe cannot remember the last time he watched five minutes of an NBA game. It’s been at least 15 years since he watched an entire NBA game and Joe would be hard-pressed to name six NBA players. The NBA is totally off Joe’s radar. But even Joe knows that Red Auerbach is dead. And this Sargent is supposed to be a professional?

Joe is appalled beyond words. This woman has no business working another NFL game much less a high school game. Maybe Extra (“extra… ex-TRA!“) has an opening?

Sideline reporters are pretty much useless if they are not pretty. Even if they are hot, only a few really know what they are talking about. Erin Andrews, Bonnie Bernstein, Stacy Dales, Holly Rowe and Tracy Wolfson actually do a decent job and have a clue. They should be more than a little irate at this Sargent woman.

Somewhere, Lisa Guerrero is laughing.

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