THE PESSIMIST: Dynamic Duo Are Hypocrites

October 18th, 2008
The Pessimist can't believe linebacker Matt McCoy (above) was released less than 12 hours after getting a DUI, yet teh King of Turds is still on the roster.

The Pessimist can't believe linebacker Matt McCoy (above) was released less than 12 hours after getting a DUI, yet the King of Turds is still on the roster.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Chucky. And Bruce Almighty.

The Pessimist came across a little bit of news and is so upset, he can hardly drink a beer despite tons of college football on the tube.

Seems as though Bucs linebacker Matt McCoy got pulled over this morning 500 feet from his house in Tampa and got popped for a DUI.

Hours later, the Bucs released him.

While it’s novel that Bruce Almighty and Chucky had the moral courage to cut a reserve linebacker over a DUI charge (note: he hasn’t plead guilty or gone to trial), it’s the height of hypocrisy that the piece of human debris, the King of Turds, Jerramy Stevens stays on the roster.

Stevens, like McCoy, is a reserve. And unlike the King of Turds, while serious, McCoy hasn’t come close to pulling the stunts that the King of Turds has.

And yet, the scum that is the King of Turds claims he’s being singled out. The nerve!

The fact it took the Bucs hierarchy a few hours to wash their hands of McCoy and embrace that dirtbag Stevens is beyond an outrage. With McCoy, who gets a DUI, Bruce Almighty and Chucky have courage. With the King of Turds who was charged with heinous crimes against women, the Dynamic Duo bend over.

And yes, Bucs fans, Bruce Almighty and Chuck are slapping you in the face with this decision. For Bucs fans of the fairer sex, the Dynamic Duo spits in your face.

This is enough for The Pessimist to throw a beer on the King of Turds tomorrow and get thrown out of the CITS and arrested. It would almost be money worth spent.

In short, cutting McCoy while embracing the King of Turds, is disgusting.

6 Responses to “THE PESSIMIST: Dynamic Duo Are Hypocrites”

  1. The Professor Says:

    completely agree but unfortunately such is life in the NFL…I have heard Jimmy Johnson talk about how if a backup player fell asleep in a meeting the player would be cut. If it was a starter, he would just smack him on the head and tell him to wake up.

  2. crackerick Says:

    They let Donald Penn hang on after his DUI. They must have been looking for an excuse to ditch this guy. He looked lost in one of the early games. This opens a roster spot. Wonder if Caddy’s coming

  3. Tom Says:

    McCoy gets arrested at 4AM ,driving in the wrong direction on Gandy the day before a game and you are confused! Pay any attention to what recently happened on the crosstown? Cato June didn’t get cut last year because it was after a game and around 11PM after they got off the plane and he isn’t a total ass. Why would you want to depend on someone who has no regard for his team by putting himself in such a position?
    As far as Stevens, what was he charged and/or CONVICTED of?

  4. crackerick Says:

    Tom it’s time to do your homework on Stevens, you can search it on this Web site or on Google. It’s scary to know Stevens even lives in the area

  5. admin Says:

    >>>As far as Stevens, what was he charged and/or CONVICTED of?<<< The headline of the article linked below (and also linked in the post above) says it all but feel free to do a little reading. Then tell Joe what you think of the King of Turds. Convicted of assault and accused of rape, star player received raft of second chances

  6. admin Says:


    Please don’t take the above post the wrong way. But with Stevens’ track record, it’s surprising Goodell hasn’t stepped in.