Sniffing In The Doghouse

October 5th, 2008

Props to beat writer Woody Cummings, of the Tampa Tribune, who took a closer look today at the whole truth behind the benching of Jeff Garcia.

Some even believe the roots of change date to last season, when Garcia openly challenged some of Gruden’s play calls and suggested that certain potential playmakers were being ignored by Gruden.

"If Brian Griese goes 4-0 today, I'm the f'n Coach of the Year."

"If Brian Griese goes 4-0 today, I'm the f'n Coach of the Year."

Cummings doesn’t name those potential playmakers, but Garcia had mentioned Michael Clayton and Maurice Stovall. (Thankfully, Garcia isn’t our GM.)

Joe’s is certain Chucky made this move to Griese to feed an ego/power trip and regain his Alpha status in the locker room. But surely Gruden has done enough with Griese to declare victory – on the field and off – and insert Garcia into the lineup next week against Carolina.

Garcia, to his credit, has quietly taken his lumps, which has got to stroke Gruden’s ego. Hey, he brought a Pro Bowler to his knees. At this point, win or lose in Denver, Gruden can easily tell himself and the media that his genius is driving the Bucs ship.

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