Power Rankings Week 8

October 24th, 2008

Time for Joe to offer the weekly power rankings from around the Web.

On BSPN.com, Pat Yasinskas bumped up the Bucs from No. 7 to No. 6.

The Bucs are solid in every way. Plus, running up against teams without their QBs helps.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Bucs slightly higher at No. 5.

The way Jeff Garcia is playing, it’s time to look at them as a serious playoff contender. Their game at Dallas will be an interesting one this week.

Then of course, the czar of football writers Paul Zimmerman of SI.com, known better as Dr. Z, has the Bucs at No. 4 and echoes what Joe has been saying all along about Chucky/Son of Bob/Carmella’s husband, albeit in a more eloquent way.

This is the hot spot. The Redskins had to get moved down after the Browns nearly nipped them. Panthers and Bills were strong contenders, but to be brutally honest, what decided me was an AP story I read after the Bucs’ defeat of Seattle. Garcia “outplayed fellow-back-up-turned-starter Seneca Wallace…” the clumsiness of that sentence mirroring the clumsiness of the thought. Back-up? Garcia won the starting job in camp then got hurt. The AP also noted that Gruden has no plans to bench him as starter when Griese returns. Bench him? The guy’s playing at Pro Bowl level. You know something. The game’s all about image — blind, stupid image.

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