Joe’s Take: Put Stevens On Trading Block

October 8th, 2008
The trade deadline approaches. It's time to unload Mr. Stevens. Bucs fans deserve to sleep better at night.

The trade deadline approaches and it's time to unload alleged rapist Jerramy Stevens. Bucs fans deserve to sleep better at night.

As the trading deadline approaches, Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune writes today that the Bucs could be strongly considering landing a wide receiver or possibly Tony Gonzalez from the Chiefs.

Cummings says Joey Galloway’s age and injuries might force their hand. But it’s odd that Cummings makes no mention of who the Bucs might trade or what draft picks they might consider moving.

Joe has an idea.

King of Turds Jerramy Stevens, known more for his alleged rapes and dirtbag-like behavior, should be included in any deal. Heck, the other teams can cut him for all we care.

Stevens has five catches in three games after sitting out the first two for a suspension related to a DUI.

Plus, Stevens has yet to rape any of the women in the Tampa Bay area, (hopefully) so this might be a good time to unload him. He’s not known as a great blocker, and with just five catches he’s surely not important to the Bucs offense.

There’s got to be lots of teams lining up for this 28-year-old, big-target tight end. He’s a stud talent, Chucky tells us, and he seems to be acting like a human. For now.

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