Joe’s Take: Game Ball To Earnest Graham

October 12th, 2008
Our new fullback is the ultimate team player.

Our "new" fullback is the ultimate team player.

Hey, Earnest Graham. You’re our leading rusher, our stud running back, but today you have to play fullback and block for Warrick Dunn.

Screw whatever contract incentives you might have for total yards, receptions and a Pro Bowl appearance. We need you, Earnest.

That was the hand dealt Graham today in the Bucs’ dominating win at home against Carolina. With fullback B.J. Askew out and reserve FB Byron Storer hurt in the game, Graham moved to fullback.

And he did it with smiles, class, and he did it well. Dunn ground out 115 yards on 22 carries, many of them with No. 34 leading the way with punishing blocks.  Graham had just 11 yards on five carries.

With so many egos and law-breaking turds in sports, Graham’s selfless and inspired effort reminds us what team ball is all about. In any era, Graham’s effort would be lauded and rewarded.

Chucky did the right thing calling Graham’s number for the Bucs late 1-yard TD run.

Joe tips his cap to Graham, too.

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