EXCLUSIVE: Clemson After Monte Kiffin

October 16th, 2008
Joe has learned Clemson University will make an offer to Lane Kiffin as its next football coach, so long as his father joins him as defensive coordinator.

Joe has learned Clemson University will make an offer to Lane Kiffin as its next football coach, so long as his father joins him as defensive coordinator.

Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is in the crosshairs of some powerful Clemson University boosters to join the team as its defensive coordinator beginning in 2009, Joe has learned.

So long as his son, former Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin, takes the head coaching job there.

Through a source with strong ties to Clemson movers and shakers, Joe was informed of a meeting of Clemson boosters held Wednesday at the school and that many big-moneyed Tigers boosters want to throw considerable cash at Lane Kiffin to replace recently resigned coach Tommy Bowden.

The trick is the offer will be a package deal: Lane has to bring his father Monte with him.

One of the reasons the school negotiated an early release for Bowden earlier this week was so the program could get a headstart on acquiring a top candidate.

The decision to go after the Kiffins was met with some resistance, Joe was told.

Rumors still persist in Clemson’s neck of the woods that Monte Kiffin, as coach of North Carolina State in the early 1980s, blew the whistle on then-Clemson coach Danny Ford for various NCAA recruiting violations which led to the football program being placed on probation.

Some of the influential old guard Clemson boosters want nothing to do with Kiffin as a result, but they are a vocal minority Joe was told. A number of former Clemson players who logged time in the NFL are pushing for the Kiffin package.

This little bit of news reinforces whispers Joe has heard about Monte Kiffin in recent weeks.

When Raiders owner Al Davis fired Lane Kiffin, Davis stated in his press conference that Monte Kiffin told him that he, Kiffin, wanted to leave the Bucs and join his son in Oakland.

Joe also heard through various fourth estate sources that during preseason, Tampa Tribune NFL writer Ira Kaufman had hinted the Bucs were trying to ease Kiffin out and name defensive backs coach Raheem Morris as the Bucs defensive coordinator-in-waiting. Bucs general manager Bruce Allen (Bruce Almighty) pulled Kaufman aside before the Bucs hosted the Patriots in August and scolded Kaufman, saying the Kiffin situation was deemed delicate.

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34 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Clemson After Monte Kiffin”

  1. crackerick Says:

    If it means losing Raheem Morris, then the Bucs better not stand in Kiffin’s way. He can’t coach forever

  2. Chris Says:

    I agree. Don’t piss Monte off!

  3. gamecock_girl Says:

    i dont know much about the kiffins, but i am a sc gamecock grad and fan, therefore i detest clemPson. the kiffins should know they will be made fun of mercilessly for working at clemPson. plus no one looks good in orange. and clemPson is a sad little town. anyone from a larger city could go nuts there. anyway, if these guys really are good, they should not go to clemPson. huge mistake. big. huge. go cocks!

  4. Danny Says:

    As a Clemson fan I seriously doubt your info is correct. But, it’s nice to go out there on a limb and see if you can make the news instead of reporting it.
    Go Dabo!!!

  5. killer cacti Says:

    gamecock_girl, I seriously doubt that the Kiffins care whether or not they “look good in orange.”

    Why is it a mistake for them to come to Clemson?

    Are you worried that they are going to have their way with your gamecocks like every other previous Clemson coach has?

    Think about it, we just got rid of a coach that went 7-2 against your inferior team and are looking for someone better, I would be scared too.

  6. Chris Says:

    Who the hell wants to be a COCK fan??

  7. gamecock_girl Says:

    if clemPson’s only litmus test for coaches is success in one game per season – the south carolina game – then bowden should still be there.

    in my opinion, clemPson is a place where people with big football names, such as bowden and possibly the kiffins, come to fade into mediocrity.

    you’re right. clemPson does have a good record against carolina. we’ll see next month . . . : D

  8. College Football Fan Says:

    Why oh why? Now, for you Chris…Being a Gamecock is great, ask all the ladies in Clemson, most are closet “Cock” fans 😉

    Killer again you prove my theory that until the Clemson Tigers and USC Gamecocks stop worrying about an in-state rival game, that most of the ENTIRE country could care less about, the two teams will remain were they have been forever (Minus one season-Clemson won the NC~Also caught cheating)

    Gameock Girl-Stop using your high school’s computer to post nonsense. You should let the big-boys talk football and you worry about whether your shirt matches your pants. The Kiffins aren’t worried about Orange and if you knew football, you would know Monte’ already has some orange clothes-Buc clothes.

    Danny- Go back to farming and running for public office. You are a washed up coach and you are just mad that Clemson hasn’t called you to come back and finish up the season. Joe, makes a valid point as he does on most of his posts. If you don’t like what he reports, start your own site and say whatever it is you have to say!

    Now, would the Kiffins coach at Clemson? Heck yes…first of all, Little Kiffin is in the unemployment line if you didn’t know already. Heck, he has a family and will probably be looking for work soon. Daddy Kiffin isn’t a spring chicken, he has made his money and would like to be with his son again and you can’t blame him.

  9. Your Daddy Says:


    Witty reference referring to Clemson as the place where legendary coaches go to tarnish their legacies. But I think you confused Clemson with USucK…

    Holtz, Spurrier…

  10. TOPolk Says:

    Clemson is the place where coaches fad into mediocrity? Really?

    This coming from the supporter of a school who’s hired both Lou Holtz AND Steve Spurrier and has nothing outside of a couple of Outback Bowl victories to show for it.

  11. Big Willie Says:

    Interesting scoop … scoop of dog feces that is!
    Kiffin didn’t win a national title when he held the reigns of OC

    you gonna tell us that clempsun is THAT dumb?
    never mind …

  12. JoeBucsFan Says:

    Joe assures you that this Web site maintains high journalistic standards. Also, if we were going to make stuff up, we could come up with a lot better.

  13. gamecock_girl Says:

    wow CFF. thanks SO MUCH for putting us all in our respective places. sounds like someone thinks he’s pretty smart. and nice sexist remarks by the way. real classy. (i’m not sure if you will be able to pick up on the sarcasm here, but trust me, it’s present.)

    my comment with which you take such exception is about the color orange. i wrote “PLUS no one looks good in orange.” first of all, the word “plus” implies additional statements. also, that was somewhat a joke. of course a coach wouldn’t care what color a school uses. get over yourself. go back to picking on anonymous strangers from the safety of your computer.

  14. Chris Says:

    COCK! 🙂

  15. Chris Says:

    As a GATOR…hush up you lil puppies. Neither of these teams are a BLIP on the GATORS radar.

  16. admin Says:

    If Joe wanted to dream up something just to get hits, he’d write about Gruden getting caught with a Bucs cheerleader.

    (Just to clarify, to our knowledge, the only cheerleader Gruden has been caught with is his wife who is a former Tennessee cheerleader).

  17. killer cacti Says:

    Well…he hasn’t been “caught” then has he? haha

  18. Chris Says:

    “Well…he hasn’t been “caught” then has he? haha”

    very true!

  19. College Football Fan Says:

    gamecock-girl you proved my point and I would like to thank-you. I guess it is true, ladies today are so tough, as tough as putting lip-stick on a pit-bull.

    Chris, wasn’t it only a few years ago that Spurrier whooped that behind?

    Cock-That is funny no matter who you pull for!

  20. JV Says:

    Wow..Gamecock girl trying to act like she knows something about football, but instead proves to be ignorant. Clemson the place where big name coaches go to die? Umm…I think the country has placed USuC as that school. Holtz? Spurrier? Who’s next? By the way, I would rather have won an ACC title and lost several more times to the Coots, but it didn’t happen. As sorry as Tommy was (in the Coots opinions) and as sorry as the Tigers are, we still own the Coots. SO, Gamecock Girl…what does that say about that lifetime .500 team of yours?

  21. gamecock_girl Says:

    CFF you’re an ass and your “points” are convoluted and irrelevant. if you can spout your BS here then anyone should be able to do the same. if you disagree with what i say, just remember that. free speech, look it up.

    you probably DO think all women are like Palin. maybe one day you’ll meet a female in person and find out how wrong you are.

  22. ML Says:

    um, this is a Bucs site, take the south carolina college fb trash talk to rivals. And where do Gamecock fans get off, Clemson kicks your ass year in and year out..shut your mouth already.

  23. cNe Says:

    gamecock girl…try spelling Clemson the right way and you may get less heat

    if you are going to start fires…don’t be afraid to get flamed

    i think it would be a good move for Clemson potentially as far as W’s and L’s

    but I am unsure as to how the Kiffin’s would be received by the tiger faithful (especially if the L’s become frequent occurrences)

  24. deputy tiger Says:

    Does gamecock_girl really want to talk about a place where coaches go to fade into mediocrity…..Lou Holtz, Dave Odom, and steve”The Old Ball Coach” Spurrier.

  25. Voice of Reason Says:

    Gamecock Girl, you are so pathetic. You need to stop trying to poke fun at Clemson, a school that has owned your pathetic chickens for over 100 games. Before you try to insult Clemson, check your facts about your own crappy program:

    Gamecocks make fun of the fact that Tommy only won 3 bowl games in 10 years. They don’t realize that their program has only won 4 bowl games in over 100 years!! Clemson also has more all time bowl victories than USC Jr. has bowl appearances!!!!

    Let’s not even bring up the fact that the Gamecock program has an all-time winning percentage that hovers around .500!

    And I’m willing to bet when Clemson does go hire a new coach, it won’t be a washed-up, retired old man like USuCk would do………….

  26. lola Says:

    to hell with the kiffins. don’t hire a guy in the unemployment lline. we are not south carolina

  27. famcat Says:

    GO F*** yourself chicken girl, worry about what happens in willy brice with dark visor. Leave coaching decisions up to someone who actually knows something about football. Go back to your team with a sub .500 record for your history.

  28. Al's Wingman Says:

    I don’t think much of Lane Kiffin as a head coach. He was unqualfiied to be HC of the Oakland Raiders. I’m sure he is competent with Xs and Os but he’s no leader. He has the personality of the neighborhood kid that mows your lawn for a few bucks. Who needs him?

    His play calling was not effective in the pros but he did take part in some of USC’s success. He is a former benchriding QB, not the worst of worlds but it’s not much to put faith in.

    Bottom line is Lane Kiffin is only a head coaching candidate because Al Davis thought he was being clever in hiring him, which as he admitted, was a mistake.

  29. Chris Says:

    Al Davis is a HACK! Old, living in the past like jackass Sapp said.

  30. College Football Fan Says:

    I see that you are still stuck on stupid, dang I thought pulling for Cocks would have made you chill a little-Guess Not!

    Now, The Kiffins would be a great fit at Clemson, both would bring the fire that is needed to get that ship back straight. It is known that Bowden was no fire guy..He would come into the locker room at half-time when they were down and not even address the team.

    The Kiffin connnection would be a pretty good fit.

    For the guy that said carry this to Rivals, Joe posted this and it is about a coach going to a College team. If you know anything about the South Carolina-Clemson hatred for one another, it is never pretty.

  31. CU1509 Says:

    Gamecock girl, grab a parachute and jump out of this plane before its to late. A chicken just flew into your right engine!!

  32. Luna Says:

    wonderful post))

  33. Biyun Says:

    It was very interesting!

  34. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I am from the future, I just got out of a time machine.
    Kiffen ends up quitting mid-season to join to join his son at Tennessee. The Bucs were 9-3 when Kiffin quit, causing the team to lose 4 straight, fall out of the playoffs and got Gruden got fired.

    While I’m at it, buy physical gold bullion and hold it, it rises to $1600 an ounce. Go short on Citicorps options, it falls from $80 to 50 cents.

    The Kiffens quit on TN and took the USC job, Where the father got fired after Oregon put 62 points on his ass. A 125 year record for futility at USC. Monte then goes to Dallas and gets fired mid-season after scuffling with the owner and biting a chunk of his ear off.

    If I don’t see you in the future, I’ll see you in the pasture.

    PS- Include Michael Jackson in your 2009 dead pool.