It’s Spelled “A-L-S-T-O-T-T”

October 20th, 2008
Joe was saddened to learn no one in the Bucs front office managed to check the spelling of Mike Alstotts name.

LIke many fans, Joe enjoyed hearing the story of how the 1996 Bucs mis-spelled Mike Alstott's last name on the jersey he wore during his first game.

Joe was beyond happy to see the Bucs honor Mike Alstott at halftime. The end zone crowd using the cards to make out Alstott’s famous No. 40 was special.

Joe was also moved to learn Alstott’s number will be retired. Aside from possibly Lee Roy Selmon, John Lynch or Derrick Brooks, no player captured the hearts of Bucs fans quite like the A-Train.

And, no, the Bucs didn’t dis Alstott by mis-spelling his name on the creamsicle jersey presented to him.

Bryan Glazer explained during the halftime ceremonies that the “ALSOTT” jersey (missing a T) was the one Mike wore in his first game with the Bucs. Glazer playfully apologized for the mistake.

Joe is sure that jersey would fetch five figures easily on Ebay.

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