Garcia Knocks The Running Game

October 31st, 2008
Carmella's father-in-law says the Bucs can't find a hole

Carmella's father-in-law says the Bucs can't find a hole

Regular readers know how much Joe loves Bob Garcia, Jeff Garcia’s candid ex-football coach dad, who is one the most entertaining Bucs analysts on the planet.

Here’s good ol’ dad with a take on last week’s game and the state of the Bucs’ running game. We apologize for the expletive.

“[The Bucs] played pretty well, but offensively, god, we haven’t been able to run the ball the last two games.

The [running game] numbers have been poor for quite a while, even against Denver. Jeff said, ‘Hey, they stayed in that Cover 2 and we tried to run the ball but we [couldn’t].’

“There’s no openings. I’m watching other teams where, shit, the guy is just running through a hole into the secondary. But our guys have a tough time getting through the line of scrimmage. Why it is, I don’t know. But [the Bucs’] coaches, they’re able to look at the film and slow it down and see who’s making the block or if they’re getting any movement up front.

The elder Garcia, who was a legendary high school and small college coach in Northern California, has a weekly blog for the Gilroy Dispatch. He speaks his mind on all things Bucs, 49ers and local sports. You can find it at

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