Garcia Blasts Gruden, Griese

October 16th, 2008
Carmella's famous father-in-law takes his shots at Gruden and Griese

Carmella's famous father-in-law takes his shots at Gruden and Griese

Hey, Bob Garcia, you can be a guest analyst for anytime.

In an interview with the Gilroy Dispatch, that famous California-garlic-country rag, local football coaching legend Bob Garcia, Jeff Garcia’s dad, voiced his displeasure at Tampa Bay’s quarterback controversy.

The guy [Brian Griese] throws eight interceptions or 10 interceptions in three games, how the hell … c’mon. Hey, I kept waiting for the damn thing to backfire on [Gruden] because he was going to teach Jeff a lesson or whatever the case was, not that it didn’t come down to the Denver game, but they didn’t move the ball much those first three quarters. But it haunts you if you’re just saying, ‘I’m gonna do what’s best for the team (by sitting Jeff).’ Well you know what? Jeff is what’s best for that team because he has more talent, he understands the offense and he doesn’t turn the ball over.

Joe wants to throw a beer back with this guy. The elder Garcia offers some other Bucs gems is his weekly blog at

3 Responses to “Garcia Blasts Gruden, Griese”

  1. crease22 Says:

    Oh, no. Now Jeff might read this and cry and get all whiney and play like crap and ruin the season. He’ll say something to his dad and his dad will yell at him and it will be all your fault. He’s still a gay pussy in my book.

  2. Chris Says:

    Dear Crease,

    Jeff has been having a hard time lately. With all this artificial insemination going on in our lives and me as a beard I think it’s high time you leave my hubby alone and let him do what he does best. (I forwarded this to his dad just so you know.)

    Thoughtfully yours,
    Carmella Garcia

  3. David Says:

    I guess Mr. Garcia was right. Gruden is gone and only had the Super Bowl with someone Dungee team.

    Jerk Gruden