Galloway Says He’s Fine With No. 2 Slot

October 21st, 2008
The White Tiger is a peaceful cat.

The White Tiger is a peaceful cat.

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune today speculates that Joey Galloway may be unhappy about returning to the lineup and giving up the starting split end position to Antonio Bryant, who had a breakthrough game against Seattle on Sunday.

A lot of NFL teams may be regretting their decisions to pass on free-agent wideout Antonio Bryant last spring. Joey Galloway may soon be regretting those decisions, too.

Bryant has done such a stellar job filling in for the injured Galloway the past few weeks, he probably will keep the starting split end job even after Galloway returns.

During his Monday night radio show on 620 AM WDAE The Sports Animal, Galloway said he has no problem – physically, mentally or otherwise – playing the flanker position. He cited Gruden’s creative play-calling, the wide receiving corps’ frequent rotations and the excitement of playing with another deep threat on the field.  

“Whatever the position, coach will find a way to create opportunities for me down the field,” Galloway said.

The White Tiger said he expects to be used to lure two and three defenders towards him in order to set up Bryant with single coverage and Bryant will do the same for him.

Joe is sure Galloway will be successful in either role, if he gets himself and his gimpy paw on the field.

Galloway turns 37 in a few weeks and Joe is sure he wants to finish his career in Tampa. No other Coach will love him as much as Chucky.

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