Galloway Not There Yet

October 28th, 2008
Joey Galloway was uncomortable answering a question about his health today. The White Tiger saw his first action Sunday since Week 2 against the Falcons

Joey Galloway was uncomfortable answering a question about his health Monday. The White Tiger saw his first action Sunday since Week 2

Joe is annoyed by most Bucs player radio shows because fans kiss the players’ butts and don’t ask good questions, plus the hosts usually act the same way.

On The Joey Galloway Show on Monday night (WDAE 620 AM), Galloway was cornered by a caller with a rare direct question. Props to that nice lady who seemed frustrated that it was halfway through the show and she didn’t have straight answers to the questions on everyone’s mind.

She wanted to know whether Galloway was was feeling 100 percent and “Are you playing in pain?”

“That’s such a tough question to answer,” Galloway said. Uncomfortable dead air followed.

“I feel great,” Galloway continued. “Game speed is a huge adjustment sometimes. Getting used to cutting and avoiding people. Facing live action. …Fortunately for me, there were no steps back. That is the key, and that’s something to build on.”

Galloway’s answer was not what Joe wanted to hear.  Joe enjoyed watching Joey Galloway on the field against the Cowboys on Sunday. It was limited action for the “White Tiger,” almost exclusively at flanker. He caught three balls for 38 yards and showed flashes of his tremendous speed.

But the Bucs need him to be a healthy full-time player. He’s clearly not there yet.

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