First Half Thoughts From Joe

October 26th, 2008

As usual, Joe has some halftime thoughts:

* Nice meltdown by the Bucs defense on Dallass’ last drive of the half. By being moronic, the Bucs gave the Cowboys four first downs and a short touchdown. That is very, very huge for Dallass.

* Are Joe’s eyes still foggy from staying up late and watching the Rays or did Joe actually see a White Tiger on the field?

* When was the last time Michael Clayton made a big catch? His catch in the first quarter to extend a Bucs drive was fantastic. Joe can’t remember the last time he did that, if ever.

* In the second quarter the Cowboys seem to be running right at Gaines Adams when he is lined up at right end. The Bucs defensive end is a good pass rusher and pretty good at dropping back into pass coverage but from the past couple of games, including the first half, that Joe has charted Adams he is not very good at tackling when the ball carrier is coming right at him. Often a ball carrier puts a simple move on Adams and he is toast.

* Settling for field goals isn’t going to get the job done today Chucky.

2 Responses to “First Half Thoughts From Joe”

  1. cork Says:

    this is not the mood I need to be in heading into game 4. Then again, at this rate I might be passed out and it won’t matter.

  2. admin Says:

    Defense is going to need to make a big play Cork. Offense is struggling.

    Those four penalties on the defense at the end of the first half might kill the Bucs. That’s four first downs the Bucs gave Dallas.