Chucky Spinning Out Of Control

October 26th, 2008
"It's hard to call plays around here with a shortage of running backs." Chucky actually says this stuff with a straight face

Chucky's blaming his offensive woes in Dallas on a "shortage of running backs." One problem: There is no shortage.

And the Oscar for Most Ridiculous Quote of the Year goes to … Jon Gruden. Cue the laugh track.

Here it is, spewed only minutes after the game, from the Fort Worth Star-TelegramJoe recommends a deep breath before reading this one. 

Chucky on the Bucs: “It’s hard to call plays right now. We have a shortage of running backs. It hurt our team today. We had six straight penalties on the drive. Obviously, it was very deflating. We move the ball pretty good, but we have to score touchdowns to win in this league.”

Joe can’t believe the spin Chucky babbles with a straight face. Shortage of running backs? Who is missing?

Warrick Dunn was limited in the Dallas game with a nerve injury, but Earnest Graham is a workhorse back who is one of the most versatile players in the league.  And Michael Bennett is a healthy, young former 1,000-yard rusher buried on the bench.

Joe’s got a bad feeling Chucky is partially referring to Cadillac Williams. Caddy hasn’t played in over a year and returned to practice last week. If Chucky’s banking on Williams contributing, there isn’t much hope for the Bucs season.

Thanks for the laugh, Coach.

3 Responses to “Chucky Spinning Out Of Control”

  1. d Says:

    Gruden is a complete whacked out, egomaniac. The Bucs need to cut ties with this jerk before he’s berating the Defense for not scoring enough. I’m totally disgusted with this horizonntal bop offense, and if you’re gonna throw 3 yd passes, might you want you fastest, most elusive RB active to try to gain some yards after those 3yd bombs. Why did we trade for Benett anyway, didn’t need that late draft pick i guess? I went to TC this year and saw the best performers, McCown was and is, by far, the best QB on our roster and Benett was very impressive as well. Go away Gruden!

  2. crease22 Says:

    Gruden’s a blamer. Every family’s got one. Grow some balls and man up coach

  3. crackerick Says:

    Yeah right. Maybe Gruden forgot Pittman is on the Broncos. Someobdy better make sure Bennett hasn’t been whacked and buried under 1 Buc place