BROOKS: “I’m Gonna Getcha, Jake”

October 10th, 2008
Apparently, Derrick Brooks like to mess with Jake Delomme's head

Apparently, Derrick Brooks likes to mess with Jake Delhomme's head

Joe recommends today’s entertaining look at the history of the Bucs-Panthers rivalry in the Charlotte Observer.

The story takes a fun look back at the trash talking and memorable games between the two teams. Not that we wanted to remember the Panthers blocking two field goals and a punt to beat the Bucs in overtime in 2003.

Panthers QB Jake Delhomme is eager to play the Bucs again.

“I can remember throwing and hearing [Derrick Brooks] talk in that deep voice, ‘I’m gonna getcha, Jake, I’m gonna getcha,’ and just laughing, Jake Delhomme said.

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