Warren Sapp = Asshole

September 26th, 2008
Warren Sapp is an asshole.

Warren Sapp is an asshole.

Joe has never liked Warren Sapp. Sure, he was a great player and Joe was glad he was on the Bucs. But all things being equal, Joe had no use for the guy.

Well, it seems Sapp is getting exposed (finally) for being the asshole he truly is. Seems the “Dancing with the Stars” contestent (Joe refuses to stoop so low as to watch this show; he’d rather watch “Mama’s Family” or worse: poker) is being himself to the staff of the awful TV show, which is to say he’s an asshole.

TMZ.com is reporting how Sapp is treating staffers and co-workers on that wretched reality show. This doesn’t come as a surprise to Joe. Though Joe doesn’t wish ill will on people, he can sit back and smile knowing that bad things can happen to bad people.

And Sapp is bad people. (Yeah, Joe know’s that last sentence should irritate third grade English teachers).

4 Responses to “Warren Sapp = Asshole”

  1. BuffetKilla99 Says:

    Don’t hate Playa …. CONGRATULATE!

  2. crackerick Says:

    And why should we believe anything we read on TMZ. Stick to football Joe.

  3. Chris Says:

    He’s not an ASSHOLE he’s Capt. ASSHOLE!

  4. Jason Leigh Says:

    I saw Warren Sapp at the Playboy Mansion last week. I went to shake his hand and he would not even acknowledge me. He is an asshole!