THE PESSIMIST: Sternberg Ain’t No Glazer

September 24th, 2008
If Rays owner Stu Sterberg were a Glazer, he'd be whacked
If Rays owner Stu Sternberg were a Glazer, he’d be whacked

Here’s a tip of the helmet to the Rays organization for making the MLB playoffs, but team owner Stu Sternberg is an absolute idiot for not making every seat at Tropicana Field available for the games. 

Hey, Stu, we’ll never confuse you with Malcolm Glazer and his $1.1 billion Buccaneers empire. You’re going to leave 9,000+ empty seats in your building and then have the balls to ask taxpayers to help you build a new stadium because you aren’t making enough money?

If you were a Glazer, Joel and the boys would have you whacked.

The Devil Rays closed the upper deck for games years ago to save a few bucks and make the atmosphere, uh, more intimate. Sure, a small percentage of seats up there are obstructed view, but the majority would be a freakin’ great place to catch a buzzing playoff game.  Apparently Sternberg hasn’t seen footage of the Final Four and the Devil Rays opening day in 1998.

No, the Rays are going to keep a big plastic bag over those seats, shortchange the businesses surrouding the Trop, piss off iced out fans, and wonder why they don’t have more of a home field advantage.  

Good luck with the new stadium, Stu.

One Response to “THE PESSIMIST: Sternberg Ain’t No Glazer”

  1. Chris Says:

    I hate the Trop! It has the intimacy of a funeral home. That being said it’s baseball. I don’t care if they play in the parking lot as long as they don’t get a new stadium.

    They wanna build an open air stadium…in the heat of summer…no one will go. If they do build and I HOPE they don’t they should make it like the stadium in Toronto!!! Ummmmmm a retractable dome?!?!?! That would make too much sense for Florida!