Son of Bob Speaks

September 22nd, 2008
Sure, Son of Bob did a good job of digging himself out of a hole Sunday. But Joe hasnt change his mind about him.

Sure, Son of Bob did a good job of digging himself out of a hole Sunday. But Joe hasn't changed his mind about him.

If a football fan does not read’s Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, a staple for football fans each Monday, why not? All sorts of good tidbits of information is included.

This week, King leads his column with a piece on Son of Bob. King, who Joe likes a great deal, is acting as if Son of Bob is Lazarus and has risen from the NFL dead.

“Early in the third quarter, I came off the field after we had a drive stall and Jon said, ‘We can’t run the football. I need you to go out and win this game.’ I said, fine, if you want me to throw it every play, I will. We just couldn’t run it at all. I never expected a day like today. None of us did. We wanted to run it because that’s the kind of team we are. But Chicago’s good, real good, against the run.

“It helped us to go to the no-huddle in the fourth quarter and overtime. We’re down 10 with about five minutes left and went hurry-up, and we got a field goal. Then we got the ball back, went to our two-minute drills, scored a touchdown, and got to overtime. We didn’t run it right away, but then we figured we’d go back to it, just to get back in a rhythm and give us a good tempo — and to prevent them from substituting and blitzing much. It worked.”

It worked — Sunday.

Let’s not get carried away yet. Joe again tips his cap to Son of Bob for the comeback. But if he doesn’t throw three picks, that comeback is not necessary.

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