Prepare To Be Fondled Again

September 24th, 2008
Joe wonders what Rachel Watson thinks of pat-downs?

Joe wonders what Rachel Watson thinks of pat-downs?

Thanks to some judge, Bucs fans entering the CITS will have to subject themselves to being fondled again.

The NFL likes to use the term “pat-downs.” Try using that practice with some hot chick at the bar this weekend and see how far that gets you with the cops.

Word is the Bears tried a “pat-down” with Jeremy Trueblood a few times in last week’s game. He wasn’t too fond of it either.

Per Mike Salinero of Tampa Tribune, the Tampa Sports Authority won’t begin the practice of fondling, eerr, pat-downs, for a few weeks as it takes time to train people to properly fondle, eerr, pat-down Bucs fans (including scantily clad women).

The next home game for the Buccaneers is Sunday, when the team hosts the Green Bay Packers. Logistically, that’s too soon to begin the searches, said Tampa Sports Authority spokeswoman Barbara Casey.

“We have a lot of people we need to contact to make this happen,” Casey said. “We had been knowing it was going to happen, but we needed a little more lead time” to be ready for Sunday’s game.

Where can one volunteer for this job? How often, outside of an airport, can one feel up a chick and get away with it, not even have to worry about a slap?

Who said Al-Qaeda was no good? We can thank them for legal fondling. I mean, pat-downs.

One Response to “Prepare To Be Fondled Again”

  1. Chris Says:

    Yeah I’d like to pat down me some Rachel. I hear she has junk-in-the-trunk! So I’d start my fondle there, I mean pat-down.

    Look at her! She’s got terrorist written all over those abs! She musta got those during her Al-Qaeda training.