Rest Galloway One More Week

September 3rd, 2008
Joey Galloway claims he is fit and ready for the season opener.

Joey Galloway claims he is fit and ready for the season opener.

What is Chucky to do?

The White Tiger (Joey Galloway) has proclaimed himself fit for duty, via the Tampa Tribune. Oddly enough, training camp is over as are worthless preseason games (the only worth about a preseason game is the billing by local physicians).

Galloway claimed to be ailing from the ever troublesome groin injury. But what is Chucky to do?

Galloway hasn’t practiced and can’t really have much timing down with quarterback Jeff Garcia. Does Chucky put Galloway out there on turf and risk a further groin injury and having him be out of the lineup for another month? Or should Chucky play it safe and keep Galloway on the sidelines?

Personally, Joe would forget about Galloway this week and let Galloway have (at least) a full week of practice with Garcia to get their timing down. Otherwise, it’s a risk that you are wasting Galloway and at the same time, risking another groin injury. For the Bucs to succeed they need Galloway healthy for the year, not just the opening week.

One Response to “Rest Galloway One More Week”

  1. Ghostalib Says:

    What? They don’t need timing. They need Galloway on the field to scare the crap out of the saints defense and open up hte running game and keep them honest. Opening day is critical. There’s no reason to rest a guy who says he’s healthy. Suppose Garcia sits out practice next week to rest his calf. Then what. Duh