Joe Will Soon Find Out if Bucs are Pros

September 2nd, 2008
B.J. Askew suggests if the Bucs offense cannot hum due to key players missing a significant amount of practice time, then the players are not pros.

B.J. Askew suggests the Bucs offense will hum even though key players misssed significant practice time. If not, then the Bucs players are not pros.

Jeff Garcia’s scant playing time in those awful preseason games (and it showed) and the fact that Joey Galloway has been so limited in practice Chucky referred to him as a “White Tiger,” has disturbed Joe.

Joe believes to have an offense run like a well-oiled machine one must oil the machine. Or, in football terms, the team must practice together. However, Bucs fullback B.J. Askew apparently considers this nonsense.

Askew, who also was limited in preseason with an ankle injury, told Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune that the Bucs can flip the proverbial switch and all will be well.

“You turn that switch on. That’s why we’re professionals. That’s what we do,” Askew said. “You see it throughout the league, players miss time and they come back and do what they have to do.

“This is our livelihood. This is how we make our money and you’re telling me because you missed some time that you’re going to come back and not be ready? No way.”

Joe will remember those words. If the Bucs come out against the Saints Sunday (wherever the game may be held) and stink the joint up as if Jeff Bowden is coaching the team, then Joe will know the Bucs aren’t pros.

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