Favre Knocks Playbooks

September 4th, 2008
Favre took a shot at complicated playbooks.

Brett Favre took a shot at complicated playbooks this week.

The theater would have been spectacular. Brett Favre preparing for opening day as Bucs quarterback while telling the media that intricate playbooks are overrated.

Coach Gruden, known for his biblical playbook, wouldn’t have had to set his famous alarm clock for 3:17 a.m. anymore. He’d be awake 24/7 stressing about what the Gunslinger would improvise in New Orleans on Sunday.

Favre told the Bergen Record this week that there’s a lot of needless fluff in NFL offenses.

“I’d be lying if I said I was completely comfortable [with the playbook],” he said, “but I feel really confident in what we have in right now. [It] may be a little bit less than what they would have had in had I not come here. Believe me, each and every playbook across the league, you can go to bat with a lot less than what they put in. … It just comes down to execution.

Favre has quickly earned a reputation in the Big Apple for his candid comments.

Joe knows Favre might not have won much in Tampa, but he sure would have turned Chucky’s gameday face a few shades closer to Buccaneers’ red.

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