Crappy Calls

September 9th, 2008

Joe had to take a couple of days to calm down; those SOB referees had him so upset. It’s times like these Joe wishes he had something like a baseball backstop for his TV and living room walls.

Why, these crooks disguised as zebras had Joe so mad he had to keep the remote control and empty beer bottles away from him.

Yes, Joe will get to the injustice done to Gaines Adams but there may have been a worse call then that.

It was early in the second quarter and the Saints had just got a first down on their own 32. Drew Brees tries a swing pass to Reggie Bush. Unlike at USC, Bush didn’t have deep pocket boosters to protect him. This time Ronde Barber was prowling.

Barber completely lit up Bush like it was the Fourth of July. Bush fumbled. And the Bucs scooped and scored and had a touchdown!

But wait. No! Those crooks claimed it was an incomplete pass. Replays clearly showed Bush pulling the ball to his body with both hands. If that’s not possessing control of the ball, Joe doesn’t know what that is. That was the turning point in the game. That would have had the Saints on their knees.

Then there was that travesty done to Adams early in the fourth quarter. New Orleans had a second down on their own 24. Adams was running over Saints left tackle Jammal Brown when Brown literally tackled Adams just as he was about to devour Brees. There was no flag and Brees connects with Bush down the middle for a 29-yard gain and eventually the Saints score a touchdown.

What really infuriates Joe is that holding penalties (or non-calls of holding penalties) are not eligible for review. Why? Someone try to tell Joe that a blown holding call is any less important than a blown change of possession call? You mean the zebras couldn’t tell by instant replay Adams getting tackled wasn’t a hold? How did he fall down, he slipped on spilled gumbo? This is outrageous!

The NFL will say holding calls are judgment calls. Like fumbles aren’t judgment calls? Like guys keeping their feet inbounds aren’t judgment calls? Like where a ball is spotted isn’t a judgment call? Someone try to explain to Joe that any referee’s call isn’t a judgment call.

It’s enough for Joe to start doing shots in the middle of the week. These crooks stole a win from the Bucs. I hope they can sleep at night. Joe can’t.

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