Chucky Mad At Clayton

September 19th, 2008
"I do all the talking, dammit."

"I do all the talking, dammit."

So it seems Coach Gruden didn’t like Michael Clayton telling the media he expected to start Sunday for the injured Joey Galloway, according to the St. Pete Times.

“A couple players have already spoken that (Galloway is) not going (to play), but I’ll make that decision, okay?” Gruden said. “I’ll decide who starts, too. As long as I have the title here as head coach, I’ll do that.”

Joe hopes Chucky is not upset because he thinks Clayton’s comments sent a message to Chicago to prepare for a no-Galloway offense.  That would mean Chucky wants to keep the Bears guessing.

Well, coach, if you really cared about this kind of gamesmanship, you would tell the whole world that healthy Jeff Garcia could get the start in Chicago. What team, or thinking person could dismiss that? That would make real sense. That would be smart coaching. That would definitely upset the Bears’ preparation.

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