Bucs Rookie Is Hosed!

September 17th, 2008
Joe thinks Elbert Mack got hosed by Roger Goodell. Oh, and quarterbacks need to buy feminine products.

JBucs rookie DB Elbert Mack got hosed by Roger Goodell. Oh, and quarterbacks need to buy "feminine products."

Joe wrote about how much he likes defensive back Elbert Mack. Any time a small guy from a small college undrafted is good enough to make an NFL team, Joe has to root for him.

So it’s with a fully subjective opinion that Joe screams, “Roger Goodell, you screwed Elbert!”

The NFL suspended Mack for the Bucs game Sunday at Chicago for a helmet-to-helmet hit… in the preseason! What, it took the NFL honchos three weeks to decide  what Mack did was worthy of a suspension? Are you serious???

Yeah, let’s wait for the Bucs to get a bit dinged up in the defensive backfield before we suspend a rookie for something he did in the preseason.

Joe likes football. It’s a man’s game. And sometimes players take vicious hits. This nonsense about helmet to helmet is nothing but garbage cooked up by people who never wore a helmet, unless they were riding their tricycle down the sidewalk and mommy told them to wear the helmet.

Of course, what really got Mack in trouble was his hit on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan Sunday, so says Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

Mack’s latest infraction, according to the league, occurred when he “unnecessarily launched himself into Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and made impermissible helmet-to-helmet contact.’’

Oh, no! We can’t hit a quarterback. An offensive lineman, sure. But not a quarterback!

One Response to “Bucs Rookie Is Hosed!”

  1. Chris Says:

    I like Mack. I’m like you Joe I root for the underdog guys that make it. However, he was in the wrong. All players heads should be protected and he clearly did what the league said he did.

    I do like his aggressive nature! A lilttle more focus and concentration and I think the Bucs found a winner in Elbert Mack.

    Next time El Mack, when you have a free shot at the QB hit him like a MACK truck…aim for the spleen area.