BREAKDOWN: Offensive Line

September 5th, 2008 analyst Steve Campbell likes Jeremy Trueblood but thinks he can still improve his game. analyst Steve Campbell likes Jeremy Trueblood but thinks he can still improve his game.

Joe would like to welcome analyst Steve Campbell to the fold. Campbell played offensive line in both college and semi-pro football in the 1990s (he likes to say he was a tackling dummy for a future NFL defensive tackle). Campbell’s specialty, of course, is the offensive line. His analysis will appear weekly. Campbell currently is a freelance football writer for several publications.

Today, Campbell gives Bucs fans a glimpse of what to look for this season, and in the season-opener against the Saints.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers roll into the Superdome to open the 2008 season, and have what many Bucs fans think is the potential for the best offensive line in franchise history. Despite the unfortunate injury of right guard Davin Joseph, the Bucs feel they are in good hands with heady rookie Jeremy Zuttah lined up next to center, and free agent acquisition, Jeff Faine. Joseph should return in  a few weeks. Faine, who I think is a significant upgrade over last year’s center, John Wade, is the oldest member of the Bucs offensive line at just 27-years old.

The biggest question for Bucs fans will be how Faine and tackle Jeremy Trueblood will mesh with Zuttah. Here’s what Bucs fans should look for: (Read the rest of the story.)

7 Responses to “BREAKDOWN: Offensive Line”

  1. cork Says:

    stop it. You’re just teasing me and getting my hopes up. Besides, I don’t know how to live in a world in which I have confidence in the Bucs o-line

  2. Chris Says:

    ‘Trueblood is big (6-8, 320) with a nasty demeanor’… that gets spun around like a TOP when going against STUD DEs like Peppers and Grant. I hope STIFFblood took his dramamine for passing downs!

    “You spin me right round baby right round like a record player…”

    The Bucs Oline is the weak link not the Wrs. We can’t BUY a quality LT!

  3. crease22 Says:

    Get real. This line turned out what should have been a 1,000 yard rusher last year in Graham if he didn’t rest at the end of the season and get a late start. They moved the chains and Garcia avoided the bodybag. The should only be better with the new center. Miss Chris, Truebloods not a stiff.

  4. Chris Says:

    Ok tuff guy! Lets see you get outta the crap you just stepped in.

    Ask yourself this before you lay your head on your Bucco Bruce pillow at night, Why is the Bucs offense so boring and non-productive? Because the line isn’t versatile and other teams exploit that. The best Bucs O-linemen is Sears, by far. He’s mobile, strong and quick, also plays with a nasty demeanor, and can do one thing that the rest of the line has trouble doing…PASS BLOCKING!

    Then ask yourself this, What side of the line was Graham getting his yards? What gap was he running through?? Not all on STIFFbloods side! I have never seen STIFFblood out in space and make it to the second level. I’ve seen the non athletic RT whiff a few times at LBs.

    He’s a hack living up to his NFL scouting report. He was drafted too high also. I guess one thing positive is that he seems to be durable (as I knock on wood). Big, nasty, not mobile…sounds like a .10 cent oaf to me!

    Never address me again Mrs. Trueblood.

  5. Zach Says:

    Actually, Chris, according to the bucs were more successful running right compared to left by almost half a yard a carry.

    Certainly not a knock on Sears, who I think was great as a rookie. Probably more of an indictment on Penn as a run blocker.

  6. crease22 Says:

    Thank you.

    Not the biggest Gruden fan, but he wouldn’t keep a STIFF on his o-line without making moves or forcing competition in the offseason.

  7. Chris Says:

    LOL Half a yard! We were 3 and out most of the season so what does it matter!?!?! We have a boring boring BORING offense. Now if you’d like to watch an O-line function as a unit check out the Gmen’s O-line. Ole’ Eli didnt even smell the breath of Jason Taylor and ‘Skins D-line. And if they did the ball was outta his hand and down the field as a completed pass.

    FOOTBALL is won/lost in the trenches. So far the Bucs O-line hasn’t and won’t impress until they are more versatile. C+ at best. The STIFF D-!

    Half a yard! I literally can’t stop laughing.